The Haber process

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  • The Haber Process
    • 200 Atmospheres
      • Favors the forward reaction
      • Can't be too high or plant would be too expensive to build
        • To support high pressures
    • 450°
      • Forward reaction is exothermic
      • High temp. actually moves equilibrium in the wrong direction
      • % yield is greater at lower temperatures
      • Low temp = lower rate of reaction
      • Increase temp. to increase rate of reaction
      • Its a compromise
    • Iron catalyst
      • Reduces costs
      • Equilibrium proportions are met faster
      • Catalyst doesn't affect the position of equilibrium
      • Without the catalyst the temp. would need to be higher
        • Which would reduce % yield even more
    • Produces ammonia
    • Uses nitrogen and hydrogen
      • Nitrogen is obtained from the air (which is 78% hydrogen)
      • Hydrogen comes from natural gas, or cracking of crude oil


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