The Fisherman


The Fisherman

·         Simple rhyme scheme emphasises the ideal of the fisherman as simple

·         Nationalism/Irish concerns

o   Although – establishes the tension between the ideal Irish citizen and the current reality

o   Connemara – places it in the west of Ireland, in traditional Irish culture

o   What I had hoped t’would be / To write for my own race – past-perfect tense – distancing effect. Had hoped to be a national poet writing for the Irish. Indication that this is a delusional idea – does this mean the idea of Ireland as a distinct national entity is delusional?

o   And the reality; - semi-colon/caesura. Adds to tension created, sense of a contrast.

o   The living men that I hate / the dead man that I loved – similar to ‘those I fight I do not hate, those I guard I do not love’ in an Irish airman foresees his death. Contrast between the English and those nationalists who have died for the cause. The ‘dead man’ could be o’leary, Synge or Lady Gregory’s son?

o   The craven man in his seat – craven means cowardly. Political attack


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