The Fisherman

  • Created by: Amy
  • Created on: 01-05-15 09:57


Fisherman represents "traditional Ireland" and ideal "traditional Irishman" 

The act of fishing = reserved, calm - doesn't require much energy - serenity. 

"I can see him still" 

dream of him remains strong - dream of Romantic/ traditional Ireland still in his sights - still achievable. 

"The freckled man" 

- traditional/ stereotypical appearance of Irish. 

- evokes image of  man fully immersed in nature.

- seems more humble, not pretentious. 

"To a grey place on a hill -  In grey Connemara clothes"

- blending into surroundings - at one with nature - at one with Ireland. 

"This wise and simple man" 

- seems oxymoronic - keeps reader on toes. 

- "simple" probably means uncomplicated/ not concerned with superficiality. 

- links with Yeats' desire to go back to a simpler time. 

"write for my own race" 

- he is the same as the Fisherman - he is the proper Irish race - "fumblers" aren't.

"The dead man that I loved"

- although he loved him he is dead - more sad - sounds hopeless - can't return. 

- similar to "Romantic Ireland's dead and gone" - definate here that he loved it.  

"A man who does not exist  -  A man who is but a dream"

dream is a good thing - he is the ideal - but he doesn't exist - sounds hopeless. 

Tone = calm, lots of enjambement but slow and steady - rhythm and rhyme regular 



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