The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

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  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
    • This act is concerned with preventing discrimination against people with disabilities.
    • It covers housing, transport, employment and access to education and other services.
    • people who are included:
      • people with sight issues
      • people with hearing issues
      • people with heart conditions
      • people with epilepsy
      • people with wheelchairs
      • people with learning disabilities
      • people who have and are experiencing mental health problems
    • It is always being changed for 4 main reasons:
      • Changing policies, practices and procedures
      • Providing auxiliary aids and services
      • Providing another service when the usual service location is not accessible
      • when there is a physical barrier to the service
    • Advantages
      • there is emphasis on promoting good relationships between different racial groups - provides a more positive and proactive requirement
      • It is recognized by all public bodies e.g. NHS
      • Both direct and indirect discrimination must be eliminated
    • Weaknesses
      • Laws can be passed but its difficult to make people do and use the actions
      • Not everyone knows their rights
      • Some may be scared




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