The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act

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  • The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act
    • Illegal copying of software
      • The illegal transmission of software over a telecommunications line creating a copy
      • Data paid for and collected by one organisation may be of value to other organisations
    • Illegal running of copyright software on more than one machine unless covered by the licence
      • The copying of software is in breach of the licence you agree when you first load the program
      • This is policed by the local councils and the police. Thy have the right to remove any equipment that has illegal software on it
      • individuals and businesses can be taken to court
    • Illegal for an organisation to encourage or pressure its employees to copy or distribute illegal software
      • When buying a computer program, the person who buys it has the right to use it but does not own it
      • You are bound by the rules of the manufacturer
    • Examples of Illegal activity
      • Sharing digital music illegally using peer-to-peer file sharing software
      • Force others to illegally copy files
      • Selling pirated copies of software at a car boot sale or on auction sites such as ebay


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