The Cockroach

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  • The Cockroach
    • Theme
      • A Cockroach
      • In this poem the persona has been watching a cockroach scatter around his kitchen and bonding with it and reflecting on his life
        • A Cockroach
    • Imagery
      • A Kitchen
      • All that is happening in this poem is in a kitchen. Most of the imagery is in how the cockroach is moving and descrbing how he is moving
        • A Kitchen
    • Tone
      • Negative
      • The poet has a negative tone the way he is describing the cockroaches movement and saying that the cockroach is lost and doesnt know where to go and at the end the poet says he finds himself in the cockroach.
    • Rhythm
      • This poem is a sonnet so it is composed of a octave and a sestet.
        • it has a A B A B C D C D E F G E F G rhyme scheme.


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