Mind map covering all CPU information needed for OCR

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  • The Central Processing Unit
    • Definition: Hardware that executes programs and manages the rest of the hardware
      • Purpose
        • Fetch data and instructions from memory
        • Decode and execute instructions
        • Perform calculations
        • Manage movement of data and instructions to and from peripheral devices
    • Brain: parts that THINK, parts that REMEMBER & parts that CONTROL
      • Main Memory
        • Programs are first loaded here.
      • Processor
        • Main Memory
          • Programs are first loaded here.
        • Given the START ADDRESS of the program in the memory
        • Speed is called the clock speed. It is measured in Hertz
          • Hertz: Number of ELECTRICAL CYCLES PER SECOND/ the RATE ELECTRICAL CURRENT CHANGES in the actual circuits
        • MULTI-CORE can process more than one instruction at a time
          • Each core has to work on DIFFERENT PROGRAMS OEPERATING IN PARALLEL or it complicates processing
      • Cache
        • Stores frequently used instructions and data for faster access.
        • Increasing cache memory is more expensive than increasing  main memory


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