The Carbon Cycle

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  • The Carbon Cycle
    • Stage 1
      • Powered by photosynthesis- CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by green plants and algae and carbon is used to make carbohydrates, fats, proteins
    • Stage 2
      • Some carbon is returned to atmosphereas CO2 when plants and algae respire, rest moves throught the food chain
    • Stage 3
      • Some of the carbon is returned to the atmosphere as CO2 when animals respire
    • Stage 4
      • When plants, algae and animals die, detritus feeders and microorgansims feed on the remains
        • When they respire CO2 is returned to the atmosphere
    • Stage 5
      • Animals produce waste- broken down by detritus feeders and microorganisms
        • Compounds in the waste are taken up from the soil by plants as nutrients - put back into the food chain
    • Stage 6
      • Some useful plants and animal products ie. wood and fossil fuels are burnt (combustion) and release CO2 into the atmosphere
    • Stage 7
      • Carbon is constantly being cycled- from the air, through food chains and eventually back to the atmosphere again


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