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  • Personhood
    • Is the quality or condition of being an individual person
      • Jobs
      • Autonomy is self-identity
      • Behaviours
      • Language
    • Evolutionary Theory
      • Was an incorrect interpretation of race and ensured those of different skin colour were seen as inferior
      • They were seen as "savages" who had not yet caught up in the evolutionary scale
      • Justified the actions of colonisers which lead to them having no rights and being less of a person
    • Women and children
      • Women had very little rights and thus their status was lower than men
      • Children had lower status and this were not a complete person until they reached adulthood
      • Outsiders or those without a shared identity as the people around them will never, in their eyes, be seen as a person
    • Theories on personhood
      • Bourdieu found how we create our persnhood depends on our shared experiences and the society we live in or come from (Habitus)
      • Morris found that we create our personhood from our experiences alone
    • Western concept of personhood
      • Today
        • We individualist and have philosophical thought
          • Philosophical means there is caste system, no predetermined autonomy, the body and mind are not one and we are egotistic
          • We concentrate on bettering ourselves and not our family or community
      • Before "Enlightenment"
        • The church ruled and so it told us what to believe and told us not to question
        • In the 18th century, scientific study and questioning lead to "truth"
        • Discovered the mind - to reason and have rational thought, morals and language
    • Traditional and Eastern concept of personhood
      • They are collectivists and have relational thought
        • Relational means there is a caste system, they is a predetermined autonomy and the mind and the body are  one
        • They concentrate on bettering their family or community, others before themselves


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