The Bloody Chamber Themes

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • The Werewolf
      • Child sent to see grandma.   Encounters a wolf, she draws her knife and cuts its paw off.
        • She arrives at grandmas where she discovers the paw is transformed into her grandma's hand.
          • Snow falls covering her tracks.
            • The neighbours hear the girls cry and end up stoning the grandma to death.
              • The girl moves into her grandmas house & prospers.
      • Bleak weather
        • "A Northern country, they have cold weather, they have cold hearts, cold tempest"
      • Survival
        • "Here take your fathers hunting knife you know how to use it"
        • "A mountaineer's child would have died of fright at the sight of it"
        • "Do not leave the path"
      • Feminism
        • "shabby coat of sheepskin" rather than her red cape, makes her seem tougher rather than prettier.
        • "But the child was strong"
        • "She made a great swipe at it with her fathers hunting knife"
      • Fairy Tale Form
        • Ending more realistic as "she prospered" rather than typical happily ever after.
        • Quotation marks used to replicate traditional speech in style of the fairytale being passed on
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • Setting
        • "Cut off by the sea from the land"
      • Self destruction/ Masochism
        • Narrator chooses Marquis, "I'm sure i want to marry him'- enjoys the sexual violence thus accepting self destruction
        • "Only the one who inflicted pain, can comfort me from pain"- pleasure but also comfort from it allowing her to flourish and seek pleasure. Self Dest. as she knows bad but has sick obsession with receiving & feeling comforted by it.
      • Entrapment
        • Marquis cuts off all phone lines & sends away servants= narrator truly isolated
      • Insanity
        • Marquis completely psychotic- sexually sadistic & murderer
      • Forbidden Knowledge
        • Marquis gives narrator set of keys but not allowed to open 1 door.
    • Company Of Wolves
      • "An unbroken egg" egg is vulnerability & unbroken her vaginity
      • "she is afraid of nothing"- mother allows her to take journey father wouldn't. Men prefer woman to be dependant
      • "With darkness tangled in his hair"- danger of nature/ surroundings.
      • "His genitals, huge. Ah! Huge"
      • "She knew she was nobody's meat"
      • "He licked his chops"
      • "Her father might forbid her if he were home"
      • "It was as red as the blood she must spill."
      • "Cut off all his paw for a trophy"
      • "She had her hand on her knife at the first rustle of twigs"


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