Themes in 'The Bloody Chamber'

Themes of Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'

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    • Beastliness and Humanity
      • A convergence (coming together) of the two
    • Female sexuality
      • The power of human sexuality
        • Comparison of human sexuality and beastliness
    • Marriage
      • Marriage as an institution of patriarchy v. Marriage as an act of equality
    • Metamorphosis/Transformation
      • The transformation of texts; metatextuality
        • The transformation of unsatisfactory stories
          • TCoML to PiB
      • A reflection of Carter's progressive agenda
    • Beauty
      • TCoML & TTB
        • Beauty comes from harmonious human relationhsips
    • Wealth
      • Capitalism as an opponent of feminism
        • 'my own skin was my sole capital in the world and today I'd make my first investment' - TTB
    • The nature of gender
      • 'The lamb must learn to run with the tigers'
    • Equality
      • Equality in marriage?
    • A bloody chamber in each story
    • Virgnity and its social implications
      • Violence and sex
        • Death in childbirth
    • *********** and its place in society and as a tool of patriarchy
    • Liminality
      • Between human and animal experiences
    • Objectification of females
      • Sieze of power by females
    • Entrapment
      • Images of women; ***********; entrapping people in images and judgement
    • Mirrors
      • Untitled
    • Violence and sex
      • Death in childbirth


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