The Bible

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  • The Bible
    • Teaching
      • Christians know God through...
        • past events
        • how people have responded to him
        • our intelligence which he gave us
      • Made up of principles which are how God wants us to live
      • RC Church believes in tradition from earlier Christians
        • based on beliefs and continued inspiration of the Holy Spirit
        • the truth is the Bible and Tradition which is told by the authority in church
    • Public worship
      • Passages from the Bible are used in most public worship
        • Catholic mass - Liturgy of the Word and of the Eucharist
        • Protestant service - centered on passages and a theme. Long sermon to expand on understanding of God
        • Silence until inspired by Holy Spirit to read a passage - the Word of God
        • Study groups - read discuss and share thoughts
    • Private worship
      • Prayers
        • Psalmsa dn gospels bring us closer to God
      • Meditation
        • refelcting on passages and what they mean to you
      • Support
        • People randomly at a pageand see as guide or a solution
      • Reminder
        • reminder of teh closeness of God and can focus your mind for prayer


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