4.7 - God revealed through the Bible

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  • 4.7 - God revealed through the Bible
    • The Bible as the word of God
      • Some C's - God's literal words
      • No errors in the Bible
      • Authority of Bible over science (fundamentalists)
      • God is infallible
      • Many Protestants and charismatic C's believe this
      • Approach leads believers to live strictly by the Bible
    • Conservative interpretations of the Bible
      • Bible writers inspired by God, writers were human and made mistakes
      • Needs to be interpreted so relevant today
      • Accounts of A+E may be myth. Purpose=Teach. Unlikely to be real
      • All issues in C community should be checked in the Bible
        • If have conservative approach, if decision conflict Bible teaching, should reject decision
    • Liberal views of the Bible
      • Stories in Bible are mythical and symbolic
      • Accept scientists have better understanding than in the Bible
      • Bible = source of guidance, inspiration, but could be wrong
      • Want to find meaning in writings and apply to their life
      • Bible = account of writers' meetings with God and his impact on their life
    • Introduction
      • All C's believe God is revealed some way through the Bible
      • Don't agree how he does this


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