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for science (triple) geography maths re

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  • exam tech
    • science
      • physics
        • 4 marks
          • usually require you to apply knowledge of the equations
      • chemistry
        • 2marks
          • point and a fact,
            • for example, the graph shows an increase in crude oil use, it goes from 2 to 5
        • 1 mark
          • short answer, usually just a name or point
            • for example, the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. a: nitrogen
        • 3 marks
          • two points and a few facts
            • describe the reaction of sodium with chlorine, there is two sodium molecules and one covanlently bonded chlorine molecules. this makes two sodium chloride molecules, it is an ionic bond
        • 4/5/6 marks
          • justification and explaining   5/6 markers need to be evaluated
            • explain in detail the positives and negatives of replacing petrol with ethanol
              • should be structured well
                • advantages  petrol releases more energy then ethanol. ethanol is easier to produce.
                • negatives   petrol releases harmful gases like co2. ethanol releases little energy per litre
                • conclusion   we should continue to use petrol as it is better at releasing power
                  • should be justified
      • biology
    • re
    • maths
    • geography


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