The Ageing Population

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  • The ageing population
    • Changes in age structure
      • The proportions of the population who are of different age groups.
      • Ageing population = age 65+
      • The percentage of the population under 16 has decreased from 12 to 19%.
    • Reasons for the ageing population
      • The falling death rate.
      • The falling birth rate
      • Natural decrease - when death rate exceeds birth rate.
    • The effects of an ageing population
      • High elderly dependency ratio putting more economic burden on working class
      • Burden on families
      • Governments have to spend more on welfare - e.g. pensions.
      • Increased poverty
      • Change in family types - extended, lone, beanpole.
    • Perspectives of old age
      • ******* and Henry - disengagement of old people in society.
      • Hockey and James - old age as a social construction.


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