Demographic patterns - DEATHS

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Demographic patterns - DEATHS


  • IMPROVED PUBLIC HEALTH - sanitation, better housing,clean air & water as a result of government policies.
  • MEDICAL IMPROVEMENTS - widespread immunisation has virtually eradicated most diseases. Antibiotics since the 1930's have also reduced deaths.
  • BETTER NUTRITION - laws controlling food quality and healthy lifestyles have created better diets.
  • OCCUPATIONAL CHANGE - decline in manual labour e.g mining, has reduced risks of illness/death
  • IMPROVED WELFARE PROVISION - vulnerable groups arebetter cared for (e.g elderly) so likely to live longer


  • In the UK the death rate has fallen from 18 to 9 between 1900 and 2005.
  • This has led to an increased life expectancy and a increasing population as the death rate has more than balanced the falling birth rate.

Overall summary

The falling death rate has led to an "ageing population" where the older generations are living longer therefore there is more of them in comparison to the small number of children being born.


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