The 5K's

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  • The 5K's
    • Kara
      • A bangle or bracelet made of steel, worn on the wrist of right hand
      • Worn to remind wearer of unity with God
      • Must be made of steel. Steel is cheaper and stronger.
        • Because the steel is cheap; everyone can get one
    • Kirpan
      • A sword or dagger, NOT A KNIFE
      • Symbol of honour, dignity, bravery and self-sacrifice
      • Reminds wearer to defend the weak and uphold truth
      • UK Sikhs tend to wear a Kirpan tiepin, brooch etc
        • Could be mistaken for an illegal concealed weapon
    • Kaccha
      • Long white cotton shorts worn as underwear
      • Guru Gobind Singh commanded all Khalsa Sikhs to wear the shorts
      • Symbolise a feeling of dignity, modesty and honour
    • Kanga
      • A small comb worn at all times
      • Symbolises importance of cleanliness and discipline
    • Kesh
      • Uncut hair on the hair/face
      • Shows the Sikh's love for God
        • Guru's taught that hair is a gift from God and should not be cut


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