The Wife of Bath Critic Quotes

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  • The Wife of Bath Critic Quotes
    • Embodies a number of negative female characteristics
      • Nicole Smith
    • Stupidity, arrogance and deceitfulness
      • Nicole Smith
    • Reduces human love and sex to business transactions
      • Mark Williams
    • Overthrown the prohibitive morality of the medieval church
      • James Winny
    • Destined to fail in her search for equality
      • Susan Crane
    • Moral weakness
      • James Winny
    • Sexually greedy
      • Layser
    • Takes full advantage of the power of her sexuality
      • Christine Tucker
    • Intelligent and morally corrupt
      • Karen Gut
    • Rewards the ****** knight
      • Elaine Tuttle
    • Confident and speaks out against patriarchal discourse
      • Carolyn Dinshaw


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