The UK's physical landscape.

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  • The UK's physical landscape
    • Glaciation
      • As mountain ranges were uplifted rivers eroded the V-shaped valleys and they became U-shaped valleys.
      • As glaciers melt they leave features like waterfalls.
      • Glaciers are like rivers but made of ice.
    • Rock types
      • Igneous rock
        • Comes from magma (molten rock)
        • Granite forms when magma cools from inside the earth.
        • Difficult to erode
        • They are impermable
        • Examples-dolerite and andestie
      • Metamorphic rock
        • Forms when exiting rock changes because of bheat or pressure.
        • Hard to erode
        • They are impermeable
        • Examples-marble and Schist
      • Sedimentary rock
        • Formed when sediment is deposited in layers in the water. As layers compress sedimentary rock is formed.
        • They are permeable
        • They erode easily.
        • Examples- limestone, clay and sandstone.


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