International reaction to Soviet measures in Czechoslovakia

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  • International reaction to Soviet measures in Czechoslovakia
    • Impact on the West
      • US and W. Germany condemned the invasion and the Brezhnev doctrine that followed, soviet invasion was descried as 'the **** of Czechoslovakia'
      • However, the US and W. Germany offered no military assistance, US was in the Vietnam War and also did not want to provoke international crisis
      • Communist leaders such as Jacques Duclos in France and Enrico Berlinguer in Italy, were appalled by the invasion, and therefore began to end their links with the Soviet Union
    • Impact on the East
      • Limited reforms in other Eastern bloc countries who feared a Soviet invasion
      • Countries such as Poland pursued policies that ignored public opinion, which increasingly demanded change, led to public protests
      • Invasion strengthened Soviet control over the Eastern Bloc as they could use military force to ensure their dominance
      • The crisis also exposed differences in the Eastern bloc. Both Romania and Yugoslavia condemned the invasion and signed alliances with the communist China, dividing the communist world
    • Impact on superpower relations
      • Did little  damage to the growing détente, was helped by the fact that relatively few people (less that 100) died as a result
      • Invasion did create a scene of complacency in Brezhnev's mind, any Soviet military intervention in areas that contained pro-Soviet governments would not be challenged by the US, proved to be wrong following Afghanistan invasion in 1979


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