The Kaiser's constitution

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  • The Kaiser's constitution
    • Kaiser
      • Inherits his position and rules like a King
      • Has ultimate power, he could dismiss the Chancellor, bypass the Bundesrat and dissolve the Riechstag
      • Has personal control over the army and foreign policy
      • Can dissolve the Reichstag at any time
    • Bundesrat
      • Members are representatives from each state in the German empire
      • Its consent is needed for all legislation (can be overruled by the Kaiser)
      • More powerful than the Reichstag
    • Reichstag
      • Members elected by the public every four years
      • Members pass or reject legislation handed down by bundesrat
      • Couldn't put forward its own legislation
      • Had no say in who became Chancellor
    • Chancellor
      • Runs the government and proposes new legislation
      • Doesn't need the support of the Reichstag or the Bundesrat to stay in power
      • Had more influence than Bundesrat and Reichstag


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