The New Right

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  • The New Right
    • Poiltical perspective that gained power in the 80s and 90s.
      • Margaret Thacter most known
        • Can relate to Boris Johnson now
      • Through the Conservative Party
    • Very Conservative Traditions
      • Through the Conservative Party
      • Traditional views on family, school, discipline, law and order
        • Would not support gay marriage or adoption
          • Or single parent families
            • As they encourage crime and deviancy
      • They blame the victim
        • Claiming that if a government has generous welfare benefits they are undermining key institutions
          • When people rely on benefits it creates a nanny state which is unneeded interfering
            • Justification for capitalism and the bourgeoisie
        • Instead of seeking why people are in need
    • Insists on supporting the freedom of the individual and supporting the free market
      • Socially and economically
    • They promote self-reliance instead of welfare dependence
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