The New Model Army

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  • The New Model Army
    • Why was it formed?
      • Early Generals (Manchester and Essex) were not very enthusiastic about a complete defeat of Charles
      • Troops were reluctant to leave their local areas
        • Bringing the three main armies together solved this
    • Where did it originate?
      • Cromwell gained notoriety at Marston Moor
        • Prestige allowed him to push for the New Model Army
      • Cromwell disliked the aristocracy generals and dependence on the Pres. Scots
    • The Self-Denying Ordinance
      • 1645
      • Stated that no commanders could be a MP
      • Got rid of noble commanders and private regiments
      • Fairfax as Lord General, Shippon as Major-General, and Cromwell as Lieutenant General (after an exception was made)
    • Features
      • A national army with professional leaders
      • Paid regularly = no looting
      • Paid a fair price for supplies
      • Promotion on merit not birth
      • Strong biblical base
      • God's favour
      • encouraged by the failure to reach a settlement in 1645 to aim for total defeat
      • Religiously tolerant (as opposed to Scots Pres.)
    • Impact
      • Decisive at Naseby
    • Development of Neutralism
      • Several counties tried to remain neutral and keep both sides out of their areas
      • e.g. Cheshire
      • Used Clubmen to try and resist invaders
      • As the war went on, it became harder to remain neutral


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