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Beathan Hopkins

Examine the ways in which the Ontological Argument attempts to prove to the
Atheist that God Exists.

The Ontological Argument claims to arrive at the existence of God, by analysing the idea of
God. It seeks to answer two main questions; can you prove the existence of God…

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Beathan Hopkins

he had to prove God from thoughts alone because he had no knowledge of the external
world, so a posteriori proof was out. He needed to move from the idea of God to reality.
In 'Meditation 5', Descartes put the idea of God as meaning "a supremely perfect…

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Beathan Hopkins

Gaunilo, a French Monk, argued in response to Anselm's form of the argument in his book
'On Behalf of the Fool'. Gaunilo said that if the logic of the argument was applied to things
other than God it lead to invalid conclusions. For example, Gaunilo said that he…


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