The Mormons

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  • The Mormons
    • Joseph Smith found some golden plates
    • He was guided by an angel named Moroni who translated the writing on the plates
    • Whoever found these plates had to prepare for the second coming of Christ
    • The person who found these plates also could not show them to anyone else
    • The Mormons were against slavery
    • Accepted and encouraged polygamy
    • Free Slaves
    • Grow Mormonism
    • Become prosperous
    • Restore run down towns
    • Set up a Mormon bank
    • Prepare for Jesus' return
    • Construct a Mormon temple
    • Many people disagreed with their ways - especially their ideas on slavery and polygamy
    • As more people started following them, they became more unpopular with other Americans
    • Befriended the Native Americans due to similarities in beliefs such as polygamy
    • Blamed when the banks collapsed in Ohio, and kicked out
    • People feared the Mormon secret police ("Danites") and they were kicked out of of Missouri
    • Joseph Smith was killed by people in Illinois, then replaced by Brigham Young. Then they were kicked out of Illinois
    • Left New York after Smith was accused of fraud and Mormons were attacked by people and called blasphemous by preachers


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