The mitochondria

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  • the mitochondria
    • about
      • organelles found in eukaryotic cells
      • the site of aerobic respiration
      • are about 0.5-1.0ym diametre
      • about 2.5ym long although can be up to 10ym long in athletes
    • the matrix
      • enzymes that catalyse the link and krebs e.g.dehydrogenase enzymes
      • co enzyme NAD contained
      • oxceloacetate found here
      • mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes found here
    • inner membrane
      • impermeable to most small ions
      • folded to increase surface area so more ATP synthase so more ATP
      • it has embedded electron carriers and ATP synthase
      • each electron carrier is an enzyme, oxidoreductase
      • some electron carriers have a co enzyme that pumps protons to create a gradient for chemiosmosis
      • ATP synthase are large and protude from inner membrane into matrix
      • FADH reduced from krebs cycle tightly bound to a dehydrogenase enzyme in inner membrane
        • these H atoms pass into matrix not pumped in
    • outermembrane
      • phospholipid composition
      • has channels and carries


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