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  • Mitochondria
    • mitochondrion(singular)
    • They turn fats,sugars and proteins that we eat into chemical energy
      • NOTE:They produce 90% of the chemical energy the cells need to survive!
        • So its easy to say when mitochondria doesn't function properly, serious diseases are the result
          • E.g Diabetes and deafness
    • Interestingly, mitochondria play a special role in making cells die:(apoptosis)
      • This is very important for growth and  development.
        • Sometimes, cells don't die when they should,and start to grow uncontrollably
          • This is how tumors start to grow, which is why mitochondria plays and important role in cancer
            • They are also since as anti-cancer drugs
    • >They have a double membrane
    • They produce ATP
      • ATP-Adenosine Triphosphate
        • This is the highest energy molecule that we need to carry out life processes.
    • Mitochondria have two different membranes.
      • The outer mitochondrial membrane has large pores.
        • This allows the passage of ions and molecules to pass through
      • The inner membrane on the other hand has a constricted permeability.
        • This creates compartments separating matrix from the cytosolic environment


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