The Great Rebellion 1173

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  • The Great Rebellion 1173
    • Opposition of the English Barons
      • Earls of Chester, Norfolk, Leicester & Derby were leading the rebellion against Henry
      • Discontent has been rising as a result of castle & land being taken and following  Cartae Baronum
      • Increased power of sheriffs which decreased baronial power as it took away sheriff posts from them
      • Hugh Bigot denied control of Norwich & 2 castles taken - the Young King promised him Norwich for his allegiance
    • Failure to grant his sons role in government
      • Henry granted his sons land and titles in Montmirail treaty 1169 however Henry didn't give his sons the opportunity to run their lands in their own right
      • When Eleanor retook Toulouse in 1173 Raymond paid homages to Henry & the Yound king instead of Eleanor and Richard
      • During Henry's absence 1170 Richard de Lucy had ben left uncharge instead of the Young King


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