The Four Types of Care Service

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  • The Four Categories of Care Service
    • Statutory
      • A service that a person has a legal right to recieve
      • Funded by government
      • Usually free to those who are eligible to services
      • Usually provided by a public care organisation
      • Examples:
        • Emergency care provided by NHS Trust hospital
          • Social work services provided by a local authority
    • Private
      • A service available to anyone who can pay for it
      • Funded by direct client payment or by the client taking out health care insurance
      • Usually provided by a private practitioner or care business
      • Examples:
        • BUPA private hospital care for cosmetic surgery
          • Home help service provided by a care services agency
    • Voluntary
      • A service that is available to people who meet eligibility requirements
      • Usually free or low cost to users
      • Typically funded by voluntary donations or government grants
      • Usually provided by non-profit voluntary organisation
      • Examples:
        • MIND support groups for people with mental health problems
          • Age Concern advice and support services for older people
    • Informal
      • Care interventions and support provided by a partner, relative or friend of a person in need of care
      • Typically practical, personal and non-technical forms of help and support
      • Examples:
        • Providing injections or prescribed medicine for a partner or relative
          • Going shopping and providing companion-ship for a friend or neighbour


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