Biology Mind map for end of yer exam year 10

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  • The Eye
    • Parts of the eye
      • Iris
        • contain muscle sthat allow it to control the diameter of the pupil.
      • Cornea
        • It is the outer layer found at eth front of the eye. it refracts light into the eye
      • Pupil
        • controls how much light gets into the eye
      • Lens
        • this focuses the light onto the retina.
      • Ciliary muscle
        • controls the shape of the eye
      • Scelra
        • this is the tough layer found at the front of the eye
      • Optic nerve
        • carries impulses from the receptors on the retina to the brain
      • Retina
        • this contains the receptor cells sensitive to light intensity and colour
      • Suspensory ligaments
        • controls the shape of the eye
    • shape of the eye in different types of light
      • In low light the radial muscles contract and the circular muscles relax, which makes the pupil wider.
      • when the light is bright the light receptor in the eye detect the bright light, a relax in the radial muscles happens and the circular muscles contract. this makes the eye smaller and allows less light into the eye
    • focusing on near and distant objects
      • near object
        • the ciliary muscles contract which slackens the suspensory ligaments
        • The lens becomes more fat (more curved).
        • This increases the amount by which it refracts light.
      • Far object
        • the ciliary muscles ,which allows the suspensory ligaments to pull tight
        • this makes the lens go thin (less curved)
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