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  • The excommunication of the King was the main consequence of the quarrel between King John and the Pope Innocent III in the years of 1205-13 How far do you agree
    • Excommunication
      • Barons didn't need to obey him anymore
      • John still continued to steal church lands
    • The Interdict
      • Burials were forbidden and people worried there souls would not go to heaven
      • Sacraments could not take place and anointing of the sick too so people worried they would not heal as quickly
    • Church lands  and property was stolen
      • John gained lots of money from this around £65,000
      • The church didn't have enough money and couldn't hold ceremonies
    • Reconciliation
      • John only reconciled because of his terms i.e he didn't want more enemies
      • John still had to agree to things he didn't want to like paying £27,000 to the Pope


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