History UNIT 3 Model Structures: How To Answer The Questions.

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Q1) Source Inference (6marks)
- Give 2 inferences and make sure they are developed and supported with quotation to reach 6marks, if you develop 1 inference and support it you will only reach 4-5marks maximum.
Q2) Analysis Of Purpose (8Marks)
- Make 2 supported inferences with quotations.
- What is the message of the source (How you know this)
- Purpose Of the source (How you know this)
- Your own contextual Knowledge.
By the way make a clear distinction between message and purpose to reach the higher marks.
Q3) Cross Referencing (10Marks)
How far does Source A & B agree in what they suggest or
How far Does Source A & B Differ From Source C in what they Suggest ?
Source A + C (Agree or Disagree) Source B + C (Agree or Disagree) Conclusion Question 3 is all about




Using this way to answer the Questions I got an A* Hopefully the same way will help you guys who are retaking or doing the exam.

Zenab :)

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