The Crises of 1640-42

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  • The Crises of 1640-42
    • Execution of Strafford, May 1641
      • Parliament used public riots and an Act of Attainder to force Charles to agree to the execution
      • Strafford was one of Charles' favourite and best ministers - this was a great betrayal by Parliament
    • Religious disorder
      • Root and Branch Act
        • abolished bishops
        • lead to attacks on Laudian features of the Church and interruptions to Prayer Book Services
        • complete anarchy
      • Could lead to similar attacks on authority of state
    • The Irish Rebellion, October 1941
      • Catholic risings against Ulster Protestants
      • Confirmed Puritans beliefs - propaganda
      • Parliament didn't trust Charles to use any army raised against the Catholics
    • The Grand Remonstrance Nov 1641
      • Listed all the wrongs Charles did since 1626
        • used to justify keeping the army out of his control
      • Barely passed in parliament = growing Royalist party
    • The Attempted Arrest of 5 MPs, Jan 1642
      • Charles reconstructed parliament and tried to arrest five MPs who he thought were the leaders of treason
        • However, he went to the Commons in person which broke parliamentary privilege and the MPs had fled
          • This sparked outrage in London, and Charles moved to Hampton Court for safety
    • Militia Ordinance, Mar 1642
      • Parliament took control of local militias and paid them with a country levy
      • Clear breach of the constitution as Charles didn't assent to the ordinance
      • led to further concerns from conservatives / royalists that royal powers were being overridden
    • The Nineteen Propositions, June 1642
      • Church reform and the upbringing of royal children to be in the hands of parliament
      • Unacceptable to Charles and more moderates joined him
      • Both sides raised armies


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