The Cratchits

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  • The Cratchit Family
    • Theme
      • Family
        • Unlike Scrooge, who's rich but lonely, the Cratchit family are poor but rich in love. The Cratchit's happiness shows that the family and companionship is more likely to bring happiness than money
    • Bob Cratchit
      • He is Scrooge's clerk
      • He is cold - he tries to warm up with a candle
      • He is ill treated by Scrooge
      • He only gets paid 15 shillings a week, poor wage for a family man with 7 children
      • Key Quotes
        • Cheerful
          • "Bob was very cheerful with them."
        • Loving
          • "Bob... hugged his daughter to his heart's content
        • Forgiving
          • "Mr Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast
      • Theme
        • Family
          • Bob is very close to his children, especially Tim. This makes his grief at losing him even sadder for the reader
    • Tiny Tim
      • He has a Crutch & his limbs are supported by an iron frame
      • Tim sits alone at church-hopes people will see him and feel sorry for him
      • He has the last line in the novella - 'God bless us , every one
    • Writers techniques
      • Dickens uses a long sentece made up of several short clauses, to emphasise how bust the Cratchits are as they make the final preparations for dinner
      • The Cratchits are presented as a perfect good family. Dickens idealises the Cratchits so that his middle and upper class readers would be more likely to sympathies with them that if they were realistic and flawed


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