Family - A Christmas Carol

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  • Family
    • Strength
      • The Cratchit family show strength when fighting though Tiny Tim's Death
    • Comfort
    • Cheerful
      • Fezziwig throws a celebration party
    • Loyalty
      • The Cratchit Family show loyalty  as they unite in their grief over Tiny Tim's death
    • Grief
      • Scrooge shows grief at multiple point through the story. For example he does not like Christmas
    • Supportive
      • The Ghost tells Scrooge that the children are the responsibility of all mankind.
    • Happiness
      • Fred's Family are shown having fun together as they celebrate Christmas
    • Close
      • The Cratchit family stay close to one another and help each other out
    • Caring
      • Fred is a very kind-heated and generous character that cares throughout the novel


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