The Conscript

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  • The Conscript
    • Wilfrid Gibson
      • close friends
        • Rupert Brookes
        • Edward Marsh
      • born in Hexham 1878
        • social worker in London's East End
      • served as a private on the Western Front
      • Georgian movement
        • young poets
        • colloquialism
        • simplicity
        • realism
    • reception
      • published in the newspaper 'Neighbours
      • plays on society's insecurities
        • identifies potential risks of going to war
          • fears
          • pacifists
        • not all men experienced the patriotic fervour reflected in 1914:The Soldier
    • Petrachan sonnet
      • 3 themes
        • love
        • death
        • passing of time
      • simple and widely acknowledged form
      • Gibson's accessible language
      • allusion to the Bible in this poem
    • octet
      • "the living death/Of mangled limbs, blind eyes or a darkened brain"
        • plays of men's fears
        • foreshadows mass movement of shell shock
        • mental health struggles are rife
      • ABBACDDC rhyme scheme
        • inversion of situation
        • outside rhyme encases the scenario
      • "And the chairman, as his monocle falls again,/Pronounces each doom with easy indifferent breath
        • juxtaposition of life and death with the rhyme "death" and "breath"
          • exposes their transitory state between life and death
          • "means life or death, or the living death"
            • compares the two then uses an oxymoron to imply that there is a state in between which men would never be able to fully appreciate both
        • foreboding the tragedy of the men in battle
        • attack on the Home Front
          • people at home aren't fully understanding of the "doom" soldiers experience
      • "Indifferent,flippant, earnest, but all bored"
        • rule of three sets the exposition
      • motif of light and sight
        • "the doctors sit in the glare of electric light"
          • light is exaggerated in this sonnet to draw a contrast between its presence and the devastation of the men
        • "watching the endless stream of naked white"
          • does this allude to their race or to their condition
            • ghostly or corpse-like


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