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Ted Hughes:

Thrushes Page 82
`Terrifying are the attent thrushes on the lawn,/ More Hughes uses the technique of fronting, instant
coiled steel than living'. reversal in general opinion of a thrush. Shows the
proximity of the thrush + how impenetrable and
`Nest full of brats' = not sweet innocent…

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`Too' ­ hinder ­ contrast with the efficiency of

`With a man it is otherwise. Heroisms on horseback'. Shows human dependency on animals ­ require a
horse to make them a hero, furthermore human is at
mercy of the horse
`Outstripping his deskdiary at a broad desk,/ Carving

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Compare richness of nature with the decaying
Strong heavy description yet also: `They dance human world (monastery). Link to thrushes as
on the surface among the flies'. it shows that nature is independent from


`Killers from the egg: the malevolent aged grin'. Idea of born evil ­ nature…

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`Three we kept behind glass,/ Jungled in weed: three Narrator removes them from their natural habitat.
inches, four,/ And four and a half'. Compare manmade product with the natural
environment. Contrast `jungled' against `glass'.
Observed their violence and nature on human
terms. Perhaps questions morality of captivity.
`fed fry to…

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Pike is watching ­ again link to the eyes = ingrained
image. Threatening/ intimidating.
The pike questions the humans being there.

Observation of the natural world provokes the realisation that humans have been
wrongly observing animals ­ idea reflected in thrushes.
Shows that nature is not dependent of humans ­…

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`Something more near/ Though deeper within Night is symbolic of the depths of the imagination,
darkness/ Is entering the loneliness'. dormant genius.
`d's produce a heavy sound
Repetition of loneliness signifies the writer's
The darkness provides a cloak/veneer for the fox.
Unsure idea.
`Cold, delicately as the dark snow,/…

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`The window is starless still; the clock ticks/ The page Fullcircle + the pace decreases. Reversal of order of
is printed'. verb/noun perhaps reflects the fact that the fox has
produced the idea.
Page has been printed by the fox = black and white. The fact that the clock remains…

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Enjambment between `hearing' and `bullets' perh
links to the delayed sound. `B' on bullets and bell
strong, punchy sound force. Not hitting a targ
`He lugged a rifle numb as a smashed arm;' The solider becomes the weapon, embodies war.
Metaphor. `Lugged' shows hindrance which is
supported by `smashed'. Cannot…

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threshing circle, its mouth wide/ Open silent, its eyes `Shot' = sharp sound, mimetic of a bullet. `Threw u
standing out'. no control, sudden.
Yellow ­ links to the greens earlier mentioned, in
`Threshing' alludes to spasmodic, lack of control. harmony with its surrounding juxtaposes against t
circle has agrarian…

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army of trees. These strong adjectives contrast
`black' = pathetic fallacy? against the feeble `floundering' which reinforces the
idea of the sea ­ fish.
Battle imagery. Both are verbs and end in `ing' but floundering
`Blinding wet' = tears, wind whipped,
is the longest word, 3 syllables reflects the




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