The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories - Quotations

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  • The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • "ceased to be her child in becoming his wife."
      • "his kiss with tongue and teeth in it and a rasp of beard"
      • "leonine shape of his head"
      • "dark mane"
      • "invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women"
      • "His wedding gift, clasped round my throat"
      • "bright as arterial blood"
      • "the assessing eye of a connoisseur inspecting horseflesh"
      • "Into marriage, into exile"
      • "as if he were ********* the leaves off an artichoke"
      • "he approached his familiar treat with a weary appetite"
      • "the child with her sticklike limbs"
      • "bare as a lamb chop"
      • "the lilies I always associate with him; that are white. And stain you."
      • "All the better to see you."
      • "one-sided struggle"
      • "the puppet master... saw his dolls break free of their strings"
    • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
      • "whose skin possesses that same, inner light"
      • "for a lion is a lion and a man is a man"
      • "Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial."
      • "possessed by a sense of obligation to an unusual degree"
    • The Tiger's Bride
      • "since I could toddle, always the pretty one"
      • "I have lost my pearl, my pearl beyond price."
      • "The lamb must learn to run with the tigers."
      • "furious cynicism"
      • "my skin was my sole capital in the world and today I'd make my first investment"
    • The Erl-King
      • "I always go to the Erl-King"
      • "the wood swallows you up."
      • "Erl-King will do you grievous harm."
      • "There are some eyes can eat you."
      • "tender butcher"
      • "woodies with the pretty wedding rings round their necks"
      • "the sweetest singers he will keep in cages"
      • "your green eye is a reducing chamber"
      • "my girlish and delicious loneliness"
    • The Lady of the House of Love
      • "under the eyes of the portraits of her demented and atrocious ancestors"
      • "she herself is a cave full of echoes"
      • "her beauty is an abnormality, a deformity"
      • "a ventriloquist's doll"
    • The Werewolf
      • "take your father's hunting knife, you know how to use it"
      • "shabby coat of sheepskin"
      • "wolves are less brave than they seem"
      • "she prospered"
    • The Company of Wolves
      • "if you spy a naked man you must run as if the devil were after you"
      • "The girl burst out laughing; she knew she was nobody's meat"
      • "his torso is a man's but his legs and genitals are a wolf's"
      • "she knew the worst wolves are hairy on the inside"
      • "the wolf may be more than he seems"
    • Wolf-Alice
      • "licked without hesitation
      • "nothing about her is human except for the fact that she is not a wolf"
      • "this white dress made her shine"
      • "her first blood bewildered her"


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