The Black Death, 1347-1350 (II)

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  • The Black Death, 1347-1350 (II)
    • Immoral behaviour
      • Retribution for immoral behaviour
        • Extract from the Chronicle of Saint-Denis, C14th
          • 'It happened that during this pestilence, two monks of Saint-Denis, being sent on a visitation at the command of their abbot, were riding through a town where they saw men and women dancing to the sound of drum and bagpipe and making merry.
          • 'The monks asked the people why they were dancing, and they replied, 'We have seen our neighbours die, and are seeing them die, and are seeing them die daily, but since the plague has not entered out town, we hope that our merrymaking will keep it away, and this is why were are dancing.'
      • Chroniclers gave sins as divine disapproval of tournaments (clothing of period - considered indecent)
        • Fashion blamed for outbreak of plague
          • men wore padding, tighter clothing
        • Robes became closer fitting and short
          • men exposed legs more - tights
        • Shoes - pointy - considered main reason for Plague
      • Intemperate behaviour
    • Bishops not specific about sins
    • The Apocalypse
      • William Dene, chronicler of the Abbey of Rochester, writing about rumours of the risen Antichrist
        • 'They say that this very year, 1349, the Antichrist is aged ten, and is a most beautiful child, so well educated in all branches of knowledge that no one now living can equal him....
        • 'These prophets also say,... that the present pope will come to a violent end, and that after his death there will be more revolutions in the world than there have ever been before.'


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