The Bennet sisters

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  • The Bennet Sisters
    • Jane
      • Elizaebeth teases her for taking the "the good of everybody's character and make it better still. But she is a good contrast to Elizabeth as she is "mild and steady" not witty or lively
      • Provides a cautious attitude that contrasts with Lizzy's quickness to form opinions
        • Eg instead of believing Wickham's rumours about Darcy she "urged the possibility of mistakes"
      • Jane's caution is good as it means she doesn't make shallow decisions BUT she nearly loses Bingley as she is too cautious to show her true feelings
      • She is KIND- "To have his errors made public might ruin him forever... We must not make him desperate" and FORGIVING- "We must endeavour to forget all that has passed"
    • Lydia
      • More lively then Lizzy "high animal spirits"- but hers is silly and rude when Lizzy's is intelligent and polite
      • Wild behavior due to "neglect and mistaken indulgence" proving the incapability of Mr and Mrs Bennet as parents
      • Behaviour an important plot device. Bad manners and inappropriate flirting are an obstacle for sisters marriage prospects. This is a hint to the reader of what is to come, she can cause a serious scandal
      • She is ROWDY "We talked and laughed so loud that anybody might have heard us ten miles off" and FLIRTATIOUS "The most determined flirt that ever made herself or her family ridiculous"
      • Replicates her mothers immature attitude and disregards approved social behaviors. However becomes far more dangerous and threatens family reputation but unaware "you will laugh"
    • Kitty
      • Influenced by Lyida
        • Interested in the same things and Lydia's influence makes her silly and shallow
        • Improves when she spends time with Lizzy and Jane
    • Mary
      • Influenced by books
      • "Plain" so cannot compete with sisters, because of this spends time studying and practicing piano
      • Not clever or talented- speeches inappropriate and her music "affected"
    • Each sister represents good characteristics but all have flaws.
      • Jane is kind and forgiving but naive and  a pushover.
      • Lydia is wild and stands up to social order but immature, rude and silly, so consequently dangerous
      • They aren't developed into realistic, complex characters. This makes Elizabeth's rounded personality stand out
      • Mary is sensible but lacks all social skill
  • Kind and beautiful but too willing to believe the best in people


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