Other relations to the Bennets

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  • Pride and Prejudice - other relations to the Bennets
    • Mrs. Gardiner
      • Intelligent, caring, sensible
      • Acts like a mother to Lizzy and Janes
        • Filling in for the inadequacy of Mrs Bennet
      • Brings Jane to London with her to cheer her up from being heart broken
      • Advises Lizzy to avoid encouraging Wickhams effection
      • Attempts to help Lydia see why her elopement with Wickham was wrong
    • Mr Gardiner
      • He is a merchant
      • Upright and intelligent
      • He earns his own money putting him in a lower social class
      • A natural aristocrat
      • Darcy comes to like him after overcoming his prejudice
      • Mrs Bennets brother
    • Mrs Phillips
      • Mrs Bennets sister
      • Shares her sister foolishness and frivolity
      • She lives in Meryton
        • Lydia and Kitty visit her often in order to socialize with the officers
    • Mr Collins
      • In line to inherit Longbourne
        • Wanted to marry one of the Bennet sisters but marrys Charlotte Lucas
      • Man of the church
      • Conceited and pompus
        • Not intelligent
      • Makes long silly speeches
        • States formalities which have no meaning
        • Only says what people want to hear
      • Clergyman
      • Comical character


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