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Mr & Mrs Bennet
Mr & Mrs Bennet were attracted to each other my physical
appearance, yet this attraction faded over the years. temper.'
They are both polar opposites of each other; Mrs Bennet is
`invariably silly' with Mr Bennet being `a mixture of quick parts,
sarcastic humour, reserve and caprice.
Mr Bennet is a gentleman farmer who's estate provides an
income of £2,000 a year. Mrs Bennet is a tradesman's daughter
and relies solely on Mr Bennet for an income.
Mrs Bennet
Main goal is to get her daughters married.
Mr Bennet
Mr Bennet enjoys mocking and teasing his wife, uses his
intelligence and sarcasm against Mrs Bennet.
is the main source of comedy throughout the novel.
Favours Elizabeth above all of his 5 daughters.
constantly competes with her neighbours; the Lucas'.
Failed parent as he laughs at his daughters rather than controlling
She is vulgar, materialistic, loud, a gossip and boastful. She
KItty & Lydia are her favourite children as they have similar
Mrs Bennet suffers from her `nerves' and is a hypochondriac.
`A mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humour, reserve and Caprice.
Enjoys spending time alone in his library.
Jane Austen does not encourage empathy for Mrs Bennet and she
`A woman of mean understanding, little information and uncertain
His estate is to be entailed off to his cousin; Mr Collins.
Elizabeth Bennet
Lizzie Bennet is the romantic Heroine of the novel and is the
nasty or deceptive.
main protagonist throughout.
She is independent and can be impulsive or spontaneous (for
Closest to Lizzie Bennet.
example when she walks to see her sister, Jane Bennet).
She makes poor character judgement (Mr Darcy and Mr
Wickham), this causes her to display aspects of Pride &
She is the eldest Bennet daughter.
Opposes the typical ideas of marriage of the time (To marry for
Jane Bennet
money, social status and money).
love and similarities rather than social class or money.
Mr Charles Bingley
She falls in love with Mr Bingley and their compatibility
Jane Bennet is deemed to be the prettiest Bennet daughter.
Her timid nature is originally misinterpreted by Mr Bingley for
She only sees the best in people, and she isn't capable of being
Mr Bingley is usually well liked by everyone and is frequently
supported Jane Austen's view that marriage should be based on
described as `agreeable'.
He is a long-term friend of Mr Darcy.
Extroverted, energetic, optimistic and outgoing.
` "He is just what a young man ought to be," She said "sensible,
good-humoured, lively; and never have I seen such manners." `
Opposite of Mr Darcy in terms of he likes socialising, parties
and meets social expectations of the time.
Is attracted to Jane Bennet.
Rents Netherfield.…read more

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Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy
Mr Darcy shows pride and prejudice towards Eliza when they
first meet.
He may seem arrogant as he is natural shy, introverted and
He comes from a well-respected, wealthy family.
tempered and vicious.
He is well-mannered and acts like a gentleman, in this case he
meets social expectations.
He is loyal and hardworking, and looks after his staff.
and she believe her opinion matters.
Mrs Hurst
She is the elder sister of Caroline Bingley.
Mr Collins
She is the opposite of her brother Mr Bingley.
Miss Caroline Bingley
She agrees with everything that Miss Bingley says.
Despite Mr Collins' lacks common sense, as he fails to realise when
Married to Mr Hurst to gain socially and financially
Mr Bennet is mocking him- much like Mrs Bennet.
Fancies Mr Darcy out of social class, jealous of Elizabeth.
Despite being a man of the church he is very superficial which was
demonstrated when proposing to Lizzie as none of his reasons for
Miss Bingley is vulgar and displays the negative definition of
marriage included love.
She is a gossip and is quick to judge, snobby & full of pride, quick
Lacks knowledge of social etiquette (he introduced himself to Mr
She is very manipulative and tries to force her opinions onto others
Darcy instead of waiting to be introduced by someone).
`Conceited, pompous, narrow minded and silly.'
He uses his high society connections to Lady de Bourgh to try and
raise his own social class.
He demonstrates pride.
Charlotte Lucas (Collins)
Lizzie Bennet's best friend.
She disagrees with Elizabeth's views on marriage and marries
Mr Collins for the freedom away from her family as she feared
being unmarried despite not loving him.
Is a Lucas daughter and is viewed by Mrs Bennet as competition
for husbands.
Mr Wickham
Mr Wickham is manipulative, handsome and well mannered.
Marries for money.
Dislikes Mr Darcy as he was stopped when trying to elope with
a 15 year old Georgiana Darcy.
Tries to elope with Lydia Bennet in order to try to gain
financially but ends up having to marry her.
Childhood friend with Mr Darcy.…read more

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Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Lady de Bourgh expressed both pride and prejudice.
She reflects the worst attitudes of highest social classes.
Is Mr Darcy's aunt.
her older sisters.
child-like nature.
She is full of pride and believes everyone else is below her.
She thinks she is the only one who knows how to do things
despite not actually having any experience domestically due her
Her overbearing nature has made her daughter weak and timid.
Immature and likes to be loud.
Hopes Mr Darcy marries her daughter to keep wealth within
the family.
Lydia Bennet
Miss Lydia Bennet is the youngest Bennet sister.
Elopes with Mr Wickham, doesn't realise he doesn't love her.
Her sentence structures are very basic showing immaturity and
She is silly and unintelligent, and has many traits like her mother.
Is obsessed with the soldiers and loves the idea of marrying before
PROFILES…read more


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