The Battle of the Northampton 10th July 1460

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  • The Battle of Northampton
    • Took place on the 10th July 1460
    • Yorkists entered london with an army of 20-30,000 men.
    • The King's forces took up a defensive position at Northampton, with an army of 10-15,000 men.
      • They also had a quantity of field artillery
    • Warwick's delegate tried to negotiate with the King on his behalf, but the duke of Buckingham refued.
    • This Battle  was a fatal blow to the loyal Lancanstrians.
      • They fled the field as their line was 'rolled up' by attacking Yorkists.
    • Trying save Henry VI, Buckingham, the Earl of Shrewbury and Lords Egremont and Beaumont all died.
      • 300 Lancastrians were slain in the battle.
    • The King was CAPTURED and became a puppet in the hands of the Yorkists.


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