The 1905 Revolution:spread of revolutionary activity

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  • The 1905 Revolution: spread of revolutionary activity
    • Peasant revolt
      • Violence against government officials and landowners.
      • zemstvo's petitions demanding land.
      • Land seizures.
        • Summer, 1905: authorities lost control of 15% of rural Russia.
    • National minorities
      • Finns and Poles rebelled.
        • Violence in Warsaw and Lodz.
        • Tsar forced to end policy of Russification in Finland.
    • Military unrest
      • Potemkin mutiny (June, 1905)
        • Sailors took control of the ship and fired on government forces in Odessa.
      • End of year=mutinies of troops stationed in/near major cities.
        • October, 1905: Kronstadt mutiny near St Petersburg.
    • Urban unrest
      • Strikes in cities broke out on a major scale.
        • Urban violence focused on Jews.
          • Took place in October in Odessa.
            • 400 Jews killed.
            • 1600 Jewish homes destroyed.
    • St Petersburg Soviet
      • Tsar's August Manifesto had failed to end unrest.
        • End of 1905: 2.7 m workers on strike.
      • Nature
        • Elected commitee: 500 delegates who represented 200,000 workers.
          • Set up to co-ordinate strikes, but also ran aspects of the St Petersburg.
      • Impact
        • Catalyzed the making of many more Soviets.
          • End of October: 50 towns each had Soviets.
        • Started political campaigns for better working hours and pay.
      • Trotsky's role
        • Leading role among members of RSDLP.
          • Helped Soviet avoid confrontation with government by abandoning  some radical demands= taking a middle ground.
      • End of the Soviet
        • Closed by force in December by Tsarist troops who stormed a meeting.
          • In response: Bolshevik uprising took place in Moscow.
            • It was crushed easily; over 1,000 dead.
              • By December, Tsar was in a stronger position.
                • October Manifesto won majority of middle class liberals.
                • Crushing Soviet=end of 1905 revolution.


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