Text 13 Review of the 'Modern'

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  • Text 13 Review of the 'Modern'
    • Graphology
      • Headline is very powerful since it does not reveal much so people will want to read the article
      • Picture is shown of interior of the resturant to support review
    • Grammar
      • Informal use of grammar helps to create a conversational tone
      • Compound and complex sentences help to create sarcasm which shows a negative view of the resturant
    • Phonology
      • Alliteration 'wincing at the worst glass of wine I'v ever lacked' shows crafting to entertain
      • Sibilance 'savergly shook his fist' creates sensory imagery
    • Lexis
      • Complecated leixs
      • References to certain people who the audience may not know
    • Context of production and reception, Attitudes and values
      • Written in the modern era due to modern buildings
      • Negative attitude towards the food
      • Positive attiude towards waitress
    • Purpose, Audience, Form
      • To giive a detailed account of food
      • Readers of the guardian
      • Guardian Review


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