Text 10 Tripe

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  • Text 10 Tripe
    • Graphology
      • Use of subtitles for easy navigation
      • Information from a textbook
      • Appears to conventions of form
    • Grammar
      • Asyndetic listing suggests you can tweak the recipe
      • Use of simple sentences
      • Use of colons and semi-colons
    • Phonology
      • Repetition of words 'cheap' and 'nourishing'
        • Repititon of words cheap and tastiness
      • Not many phonological features since it is a formal text
    • Lexis
      • Complex lexis 'aristocratic' 'proletariat'
      • Words used regionally to describe Tripe 'Rumen' 'omasum' 'abomasum
      • Formal words specifically associated with Tripe 'utilized' 'nourishing' 'aristocratic
    • Context of production and reception, Attitudes and Values
      • Attitude changed towards Tripe since now not seen as very sophisticated
      • Written in the 1920s/30s
      • An autobiographical based on growing up
    • Purpose, Audience, Form
      • To celebrate the variety of food
      • People from Northern England
      • A non fiction text


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