Text 10 notes- food glorious food

some notes on text 10 of the anthology food glorious food.

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Food glorious food text 10 "Tripe"
Description of Tripe
"Pale, cream-coloured tissue" sounds more positive and almost beautiful.
"Which has a pattern of raised lines crossing the surface" lots of
description to help the reader to understand and stay interested.
"Carefully utilized" makes the process sound less gory.
"Most excellent dish" quotes from other people to persuade a reader to like
the food; this is also a superlative that expresses how great something is.
"Nourishing dish" encouraging a pleasant healthy image which persuades the
reader to like it, this word is repeated to stress this point.
"Most popular" superlative in short sentence to emphasize point.
"Oak panelled room with chandeliers" suggests to the reader that Tripe is a
high status food as this quote is associated with fine dining.
"Stomach bags" sounds of putting and isn't very appealing.
"Fat and membranes"- describes tripe in a disgusting way.
Things that show the purpose (to inform)
"200 specialist Tripe shops" statistical fact
Lines 50-55 show long sentences are used with lots of punctuation-
sophisticated syntax.
"(rumen)" specialist scientific vocab- professional lexis
"Preliminary cleaning is done at the abattoir..." declarative sentence type,
used to give information which helps to inform the reader.
Middle class people who like to try new foods, and who are also familiar
with Tripe.
"Oesophagus" scientific vocab suggests the audience already knows a little
bit about Tripe.


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