Christian & Buddhist Teachings About Relationships

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  • Teachings About Relationships
    • Buddhism .
      • Sex before/outside of marriage.
        • Buddhists see sex before marriage as harmful because it is based on craving which could cause suffering.
        • The 3rd precept forbids selfish or irresponsible sexual relationships.
        • A man should look upon any other woman as his sister/mother/daughter and is not to have sex with anyone but his wife.
      • Contraception
        • Accept most types of contraception.
        • Contraception that causes abortion is wrong because Buddhists believe life begins at conception.
      • Marriage and Divorce
        • Buddhists believe they grow spiritually in marriage by showing compassion, faithfulness and loving kindess
      • The Family
        • Buddhists are urged and are encouraged to look after their parents when they get old. By doing this, you are repaying them for bringing you up.
    • Christianity
      • Sex before/outside of marraige
        • 'Run from sexual sin'
        • 'Think on things that are pure and lovely'
        • 'Do not commit adultery' (1 of the 10 commandments)
      • Marriage and Divorce
        • Marriage is a gift from God.
        • 'What God has joined together let man not separate'
      • Contraception
        • 'Every sexual act should have the possibility of creating new life'.
          • This is a quote from The Pope. He is believed to be God on earth so whatever he says is right and is a reflection of what God would say.
      • The Family
        • 'Honour your mother and your father'
        • 'Do not exasperate your children, bring them up as God instructs'


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