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  • Talking in Bed
    • A02
      • Rhyme scheme ABA CAC DCD EEE
      • Iambic pentameter until line 10
      • Larkin zoom
      • Structured in tercets = the barrier between the, perhaps a 3rd person?
      • Semantic field of negativity juxtaposes the idea of talking in bed
    • Main Ideas
      • Presents the idea of a relationship broken by lack of communication
      • Ironically talking in bed 'ought to be easiest' yet the couple are clearly struggling
    • A03
      • Philip Larkin 1960
        • Postmodern
      • Reflective of how many marriages stayed together through the 60's when divorce was still taboo
      • 'About stunted lives and spoiled desires' (McCathy'
    • Links with Jane (A04)
      • Jane and Rochester also struggle to communicate at first because of social class
        • However Jane and Rochester learn to communicate with naturalistic dialogue
      • Tercets 3rd person in relationship vs Bertha


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