Info3 Systems

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  • Systems
    • Role Of ICT in Organisations
      • Help organisations to achieve their aims and objectives efficiently.
      • some systems help to design products or sell products
      • used for administration to keep track of finances, employee records and website updates
      • ICT can be expensive to implement but can be justified by the benefits they bring
        • time is saved compared to manual methords
        • better products may be produced
        • save the organisation money by estimating materials and timings more accurately
    • Common ICT systems used in organisations
      • Payroll - calculate wages and salaries... these calculations are complex as tax etc. must also be deducted
      • Human Resources store data saved about a member of staff .. contact details, positions, disciplinary, and training received.
      • software houses sell packages of software which can preform all admin functions
    • The requirements of external agencies
      • supply chain links the raw materials which make a product to the customer who buts the finished product, this chain must be maintained and ran smoothly to avoid disruption
    • Types of ICT system and their uses
      • Back office systems
        • Record sales and purchases & update stock
        • Process transactions as they arise
        • run routine tasks
      • Work flow management systems
        • Routes documents to different personel
        • Keeps track of electronically stored documents
        • Keeps track of electronically stored documents
      • Customer relationship management systems
        • Allows businesses to collect, store and maintain customer data. accessible to everyone who needs it. this helps improve customer service
          • leading to customer satisfaction


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